Install SRA-tools

NCBI SRA download

How to install SRA-tools (fastq-dump, prefetch,... ) on Ubuntu/Linux?

Download SRA-Tools

# create and go to install directory

cd $HOME/tools/ncbi_sra_tools/

# download latest SRA-toolkit version ( Ubuntu, 2022 )


# decompress

tar -xvzf sratoolkit.3.0.0-ubuntu64.tar.gz

# check directory name (sra-tools version)




# add location to system PATH (using current version directory name)

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/tools/ncbi_sra_tools/sratoolkit.3.0.0-ubuntu64/bin

# SRA-toolkit configuration: define download path and other tool settings

vdb-config --interactive

For example: define a large temporary download directory (default is location of $TMPDIR )

CACHE: process-local location: /tmp/scratch

# check installation

fasterq-dump --help

fasterq-dump -V

fasterq-dump : 3.0.0

Next step

→ fasterq-dump: Download SRA files and convert to fastq