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Install SRA-tools

# create and go to install directory
cd $HOME/tools/sra-tools/

# download latest SRA-tools version (Ubuntu)
curl -o sratoolkit.2.9.6-ubuntu64.tar.gz

# decompress
tar -xvzf sratoolkit.2.9.6-ubuntu64.tar.gz

# check directory name (sra-tools version)

# add location to system PATH (using current version directory name)
export PATH=$HOME/tools/sra-tools/sratoolkit.2.9.6-ubuntu64/bin:$PATH

# check installation
fastq-dump --help

fastq-dump -V
 fastq-dump : 2.9.6

SRA download directory

fastq-dump & prefetch will save the downloaded  .sra files in

Change the default SRA download directory by using