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Multiple Sequence Alignment
Align sequences given in a multi-fasta file

Before constructing phylogenetic (evolutionary) trees, sequences need to re-arranged to match best to each other, for example, by inserting gaps. There exits several tools for sequence alignment including MAFFT and MUSCLE.
If you have more than 200 sequences, try → PASTA or → UPP. If your sequences are fragmented, try → UPP

For short read alignment, see → bowtie2 or  → BWA


Download and Install
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mafft
Run mafft
mafft --localpair --maxiterate 1000  sequences.fasta > aligned_sequences.aln

  --maxiterate 1000  for less than 200 sequences
  --globalpair (instaed of --localpairfor sequences of similar lengths

MAFFT online web-tool


MUltiple Sequence Comparison by Log-Expectation

Download and install on Ubuntu
tar -zxvf muscle3.8.31_i86linux64.tar.gz
mv muscle3.8.31_i86linux64 muscle
mv muscle tools/   # move to your tools/ directory

Run muscle
muscle -in sequences.fasta -out aligned_sequences.aln

Muscle online web-tool

Clustal Omega

protein sequence alignment tool
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install clustalo

Example (command line)
clustalo -i sequences.fasta -o aligned_sequences.fasta --auto -v
  --auto  set alignment options automatically
  -v      print "verbose" progress info

# see more options
  clustalo --help

Clustal Omega online web-tool   (max 4000 sequences)


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