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Error while running "" -i JoinedReads/SampleA_L001_R1_001/fastqjoin.join.fastq,JoinedReads/SampleB_L001_R1_001/fastqjoin.join.fastq, --sample_ids SampleA,SampleB -o SEQ/ -q 19 --barcode_type 'not-barcoded'

Error in No filepaths match pattern/name ''. All patterns must be matched at least once.

a) Typical (copy/paste) error is an additional comma behind the last sample-filename
... fastq, --sample_ids ...
b) Or, frequent mistake is also a space behind comma
...A_L001_R1_001/fastqjoin.join.fastq, B_L001_R1_001/fastqjoin.join.fastq ...

a) Use comma only between samples, not behind the last sample
... fastq --sample_ids ...
b) Don't uses spaces in between the sample-filenames
...A_L001_R1_001/fastqjoin.join.fastq,B_L001_R1_001/fastqjoin.join.fastq ...

Error in Positional argument detected

Also, don't use spaces beween sampleID's
... SampleA,SampleB ...